Body Grow Powder
(Chocolate Flavour)

Ayurven’s Body Grow Powder is the ideal choice as it contains 15gms of proteins per serving & is a blend of fast-acting protein with a high absorption rate and slow-acting proteins & is a simple yet effective supplement that prepares the foundation of a high protein diet. People reluctant to increase their protein intake due to common digestion problems such as bloating, stomach cramps and gas would find the Ayurven’s Body Grow powder easy to digest as it is fortified with Digizyme complex for easy digestion.

Ayurven’s Body Grow with DHA is ideal for post work out, on the go & before retiring to bed. It is available in two flavours Chocolate and vanilla.




Protein source- (Whey -Protein, skimmed Milk Powder, soya proteins).

Energy source- Maltodextrin and sugar, Vitamins Glutamic acid, ashwagandha, Tribulus and minerals.

  • Ayurvens’s Body Grow powder with DHA has fast absorbing protein that allows the body to quickly digest nutrients in the early stages of body-building.
  • Helps restore energy & doesn't let enzymes break down. Supports muscle health & improves muscle strength.
  • Reduces muscle breakdown & supports lean muscle mass.
  • Improves strength, stamina & gives optimum energy for a regular workout session.
  • Equally beneficial if consumed pre or post-workout.

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(Chocolate Flavour)”

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