Shewell Syrup


Ayurven’s She Well Syrup is best ayurvedic natural herbal formula as. A Complete Health Tonic for Female. It is made up of time-tested herbal ingredients without any side effects.  Ayurven’s She Well has been formulated in regulating the menstrual cycle, being a nutritional tonic which provides the necessary requirements served from natural herbs. She Well syrup is also useful in abdominal & leg cramps associated with mensuration Cycle.

A Complete Health Tonic for Female

  • Uterine Tonic & Best Ayurvedic Herbal Ladies tonic
  • Useful in Abdominal & Leg Cramps
  • Anti-leucorrhea Properties.
  • Helps in new blood formation.


Each 10ml contains:

  • Ashoka 250Mg
  • Brahmi 250Mg
  • Manjishta200Mg
  • Bala 200Mg
  • Moosli200Mg
  • Daru Haldi 200Mg
  • Ulat Kambal200Mg
  • Shank Pushpi 200Mg
  • Lodhar 200Mg
  • Ashwagandha 100mg
  • Giloy 100mg
  • Amla 200mg

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